We bought a nice leather straitjacket a long time ago, but soon found out that there were some restrictions. It pinched at the elbows, which hindered blood flow. It was heavy and awkward to take away. Due to the buckles on the back, eg a bed was a big problem. Through the buckles on the back of the jacket se destroid our sheets on the bed.


Thatt is why we looked for another solution and found it in the form of canvas. This material is strong, light, can be machine-washed and available in many colors.

This turned out to be the solution for us and we started designing our own straitjacket, in a striking color (red / black).

Instead of the usual laces and / or buckles, we deliberately opted for a double D-ring to tighten the straps. This prevents damage to floors, bedding and the like.

In the course of time we also started with body bags, arm sleeves, blindfolds and such in a variety of colors and motifs.


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