Straight Jackets

Our mittens are built with great care and are lined and filled. This to make sure the hand is fixed as a fist to minimize the use of the hands

Over the wrist it can be secured with a strap and D-Rings to ensure the fixation of the hand.

Attached to the strap are a number of D-rings to attacht the hand to 

each other, or other objects.


The mittens can be deliverd in short and long style. The long ones are over the whola arm and can be fixed with extra bands/D-rings.

Also a number of D-rings are attached to fix the arm(s) even more.


All are made of canvas varios colors.


We can deliver in the following colors:

  • Body: Black, Red, Pink and Bleu
  • Straps: Black, Red, Pink, White, Bleu and Purple 

Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities


Short Mittens



Price € 65,00

Armsleeve Black/Pink


Short mitten



Price € 65,00


Short mitten



Price € 65,00

This black/pink armsleeve is made of double stitched canvas and has 5 pieces of bands around the forearms.


Price € 49,00